If  u r a single,u will love to be a person like Mark Sloan.

A character of  Grey's anatomy.

he's typical playboy.

handsome,charming,and perfessional in his feild...

and always skrew different beauties. 


but in this season episode 17....

even he can be bitten by failure in love.


how creepy is this...the thing is we need someone like him.

he is how we proof we don't need to be pitied for not jumpping in a marriage.

and we won't die beacause of loneleness.


how can they do this!

maybe the dramatist try to rebuild the faith for marriage...in US,do they?

they should write a warning for this scene like this,

"caution: never believe man can change."

after all,it's just a drama,not a real life.  



Dr. Teddy:

"I'd love
to have dinner sometime,
If--if--if you're
still up for it."

Dr. Sloan:

"I'm not taking you
to dinner.


I will take you to lunch...

Saturday afternoon,
in broad daylight.
We'll eat at a public place,
Then maybe take a walk
on a crowded street.
We'll get to know each other.
See if we have an interest
in the same kind of future,


I want to build a life...
And a family.
And I'm not wasting my time
On someone who doesn't share
that interest."



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