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When you walk in the bar, 妳走進夜店,
And you dressed like a star, 打扮如明星,
Rockin' your F me pumps. 高跟鞋搖曳生姿。

And the men notice you, 男人們行注目禮,
With your Gucci bag crew, 妳身邊圍繞高檔名牌娘子軍,
Can't tell who he's lookin' to.很難說他們盯上哪一個。

Cuz you all look the same, 因為妳們總是如此打扮,
Everyone knows your name, 大家都認識了,
And that's you whole claim to fame. 妳們靠這身行頭出名。

Never miss a night,  妳夜夜光顧,
Cuz your dream in life, 因為妳這輩子的夢想,
Is to be a footballers wife. 就是嫁給踢足球的。

You don't like players, That's what you say-a,  
But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire. 

You don't like ballers, 妳不喜歡打球的,
They don't do nothing for ya, 他們令妳倒胃,
But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller. 

You're more than a fan, 妳不只是普通球迷,
Lookin' for a man, 到處尋找男人,
But you end up with one-nights-stands. 但最後只撈到一夜情。

He could be your whole life, 他或許會與妳廝守終生,
If you got past one night, 只要妳搞定這一夜,
But that part never goes right. 但這部分似乎老是出問題。

In the morning you're vexed, 隔天早上妳還在傷腦筋,
He's onto the next, 他已挺進下一個目標,
And you didn't even get no taste. 雖然妳連甜頭也沒嚐到。

Don't be too upset, 不要生氣,
If they call you a skank, 要是他們喊妳公共汽車,
Cuz like the news everyday you get pressed. 

You can't sit down right, 妳沒法好好坐著,
Cuz you jeans are too tight, 因為牛仔褲太緊,
And you're lucky its ladies' night. 幸好今天是淑女之夜。

With your big empty purse, 妳的荷包空空,
Every week it gets worse, 手頭越來越緊,
At least your breasts cost more than hers. 

So you did Miami, 所以妳點了杯Miami,
Cuz you got them for free, 因為是免費供應,
But somehow you missed the plane. 卻沒能喝個神遊邁阿密。

You did too much E, 妳嗑太多E,
Met somebody, 搭上某個男人,
And spent the night getting cane. 整晚吸古柯鹼。

Without girls like you, 沒有妳這樣的女孩,
There'd be no fun, 泡夜店有什麼樂趣呢,
We'd go to the club and not see anyone . 一點看頭也沒有。

Without girls like you, 沒有妳這樣的女孩,
There's no nightlife, 還有夜生活可言嗎,
All those just go home to their wives. 大家只能回去抱老婆。

Don't be mad at me, 說了妳別生氣,
Cuz you're pushing thirty, 妳年邁三十歲大關,
And your old tricks no longer work. 那些老招不管用了。

You should have known from the job, 瞎忙到現在妳也該學到,
That you always get dumped, 既然妳老是被甩,
So dust off your fuck me pumps. 只能擦亮高跟鞋再度出動吧。


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