Be prepared...This movie is a bomb.

Although the director use a short sentance to reinforce "this is not a love story." in the beginning,

it still is a romantic comedy. U can esaily smell the santence is a heart-break signal.

Like 5 stage of grief everyone have passed through


over and over again. Until we live with it.

That's what we call "Acceptance".


if u ever been in love,this movie can remind u every part...maybe every moment of it.

Like how's love begin.

And every feeling keep growing until people convince theirselves it's true.

They think they need it and can't live without it.

start to fall and be in hopeless romantic.


and suddenly it's all gone.  

everything u think it's special for both of u is just a illusion of love .

you knew if u ignore them ,it's totally common and usual little thing.


And than, the faith collapse finally.


the conclusion in the endding is humorous and clever ,

"it was that you can't ascribe

great cosmic a simple earthly event.

Coincidence.That's all anything ever is.

Nothing more than coincidence."


"there are no miracles.

There's no such thing as fate.

Nothing is meant to be."


This two dialogue is not a sorrowful expression,

you have to understand this with the thing ganna be happened.

In fact , it's really a cute scene.

(the new girl says " my name is Autumn.")

Somehow we try to deny the magic of love ,

it's just still happened in everyday and everyone's life.


We can see this movie is a story how we become a growup with a mature mind,

and how we lose our naivete.


Of course sometimes it's ridiculous to pretend we r cool and totally okay with everything.

We learned we can't be too sensitive and emotional in case we freak out the man we like.

At least ,we agree struggle is one of the most beautiful part of our lives.


Good luck ,girls(and of course boys...hehe).


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